Elite Pro CBD Is Now Happy Valley CBD!

Elite Pro CBD has officially merged with our parent company, Happy Valley CBD! This allows us to offer you the same incredible formulas from Elite Pro CBD at a lower price point. You will notice an expanded product line, lower prices, and the same high-level service you are accustomed too. 

If you are a returning Elite Pro Customer, get 10% off your first Happy Valley order with the code “ELITE10”

Goodnight Tincture

Broad Spectrum

Pet Products


Happy Valley – Our Story

What does Happy Valley mean to you?

Happy Valley is not just a place, a brand, or a name on a bottle. Happy Valley is a state of mind, one we are all subconsciously chasing and trying to find in our lives. Think back to a time where your stress seemed to be floating away, and nothing in the world could break your positive vibes…

That is your Happy Valley, and we want to help get you back.